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About Us
Sue and Jenn.......Friends with a Common Dream
Sue Finch and Jenn Cavanagh are long-time friends and neighbours tied with a special bond. Sue had a beautiful memory of a prior African trip made several years ago. Jenn had always wanted to stretch her wings and Africa beckoned them both. Eventually, through much hard work, extensive planning and the support of an amazing planning team, their dream came true. Through endless contacts, public speaking at local functions, fund raising and friend raising they ultimately raised enough to allow them to travel to the other side of the world and provide much needed assistance and aid to local African villages. In October, 2007 they left their families and embarked on a month-long mission to Malawi, Africa. A long way from home!
Africa checking Patience

Jenn and Sue with baby "Precious".Through an organization called Benny's Hope and with the support of the community, Sue and Jenn were able to build a greenhouse, buy some animals and support a family for a large region outside of Lilongwe, Malawi.
Fast forward to 2012 when they accomplished yet another mission.  Sue and Kelly travelled to Peru in March to test their strength and abilities by assisting to build an orphanage.
Sue and Kelly with shovels

And it doesn't stop there! 

Our intrepid travelers recently completed a month-long outreach mission to Vietnam in January, 2015.

Welcome to the Vietnam Habitat for Humanity build.  Kelly, Sue and Jenn

WOAM continues  "Thinking global ~ keeping local".
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